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UBC AMS Set-up Instructions


Welcome to Rezgo, the event registration and payment system brought to you by the AMS. This system has been integrated as a functional and cost-effective tool to help you with event management. The Rezgo AMS system will save you time and money by ensuring that payments and tickets are properly managed.

Before You Begin

Have the following ready for the initial sign-up and setup:

  1. Address (SUB: 6138 Student Union Blvd, Vancouver, BC – V6T 1Z1)
  2. AMS Website Template available at https://www.rezgo.com/support_images/ubc-ams-template.html
  3. Your AMS Primary Account Code (first three digits of any account code)
  4. The AMS Payment Gateway # (available at the front desk of the Administration Office)
  5. Event Revenue Account Code
  6. Time: This entire process should take roughly 30 minutes once you have all of the necessary information.

Note: If you do not have the correct info entered during account setup, then your account will NOT work properly and you will NOT be able to process registrations or payments.

Initial account creation

  1. Have a Rezgo account created at the AMS Administration office.
  2. Go to http://ubcams.rezgo.com
  3. Fill in all required information.
    – When submitting first and last name, remember that your position changes from year to year, so tie it to your student group.
    – Make sure you enter in a valid email address. Avoid Hotmail accounts as there are known issues with spam handling with Hotmail accounts.
  4. Wait to receive the confirmation email, then follow the log-in instructions.

If you need any help with set-up, please contact support@rezgo.com or call us at 604-983-0083.

Account details setup

Begin by clicking Settings in the left menu. Here, you can fill out all the basic information for your club.

Fill out your student group’s information under Company Profile:

If more than one person will be managing your student group’s Rezgo account, you can add additional system users:

You can learn more about other settings here.


You can use the default AMS template to customize your Rezgo website. This is our recommendation, but you can custom-build your own if you’re tech-savvy.

If you plan to use the default template, follow these instructions:

1. Download the template to your desktop: right click or Ctrl-click the following link and “Save Page As” https://www.rezgo.com/support_images/ubc-ams-template.html
2. Navigate to Settings > Templates.
3. Click Modify next to Full Site Template.
4. Copy and paste the HTML content of the default AMS template into the template editor, overwriting the existing content.
5. Click Save and Close.
6. Toggle the Full Site Template from Default to Custom.

Click View to ensure that your template is appearing correctly.

If you would prefer your booking engine to match your website, please contact Rezgo Support.

Settings > My Payment Methods

This video provides you with specific instructions on how to set-up the AMS Payment Gateway, however the interface shown is no longer accurate:

You will need a AMS Primary Account Code and the AMS Payment Gateway # which is available from the AMS office.

1. Navigate to Settings > Payment Methods.
2. Make sure PayPal is disabled.
3. Next to “How do you want to process credit cards,” select Process using a payment gateway.
4. In the list of gateways, click Chase Paymentech.
5. Check Visa and Mastercard in the list of credit cards, and make sure other cards are not selected.
6. Follow the instructions in the video above for entering the appropriate codes in the Merchant ID and Comment fields (begins at 1:20).
7. Click Attach Account when you finish entering all the necessary information.

Creating an Event

Watch this video to learn how to add a new event. Events, activities, and tours are all treated the same way in the system. For detailed instructions, click here.

This video provides instruction on adding a bookable option to a tour/event. Options are the specific times, dates, or configurations your customers can choose for the event. For detailed instructions, click here.

The below video reviews an important requirement for UBC AMS events. All events need to have a “Code” associated with them. This is to ensure that proper billing and revenue allocation occurs from the AMS Payment Gateway. Please pay special attention to this video if you plan to use the AMS Payment Gateway to handle your bookings. Make sure to enter the last 2 sets of digits of the Event Revenue Account Code that you would like that specific event’s revenue to get entered into (format must be XXXX-XX)

Please note that the interface shown is no longer up-to-date. To edit your option, you can follow these instructions. The code should now be entered under the heading Option Distribution in the field labelled Code.

Once you have entered your code, make sure to click Save Changes.

Going Live

Once you have set-up your website and created your event, you will be ready to go live. Before you can activate your booking website, you need to contact Rezgo Support. They will review your site to ensure it is set up correctly before your site goes live. Contact Rezgo support by:

How People Book Your Event

This video shows you how customers will create their own bookings through the front-end booking interface.

This video shows you how to create a booking using the back-end booking interface. This is useful if you want to sell tickets for your event on location or over the phone.


When a customer books through your Rezgo website and pays with a credit card through the payment gateway, they’ll be sent a voucher. They can bring that voucher to the event to be checked in easily.

If a customer uses a manual payment method or you take a booking through the back-end booking interface (point of sale), they won’t automatically be sent a voucher. There are a few steps you need to complete first:

1. Get payment from the customer.
2. Set the booking’s status to Received.
3. Send the voucher.

To check-in a ticket/voucher, you can use the simplified check-in interface available at http://checkin.rezgo.com or you can manually check in the customer through the booking’s details. You can find full instructions for the check-in process here.

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