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SuperPay provides e-commerce payment services to businesses in Brazil through their XML API.  The Rezgo integration allows for direct e-commerce payments through your Rezgo website and Rezgo POS / Back office.

Sign-up for SuperPay

To find out more about SuperPay and to apply for payment gateway or merchant services, please visit the SuperPay website.

Set-up Credentials

Once your account has been created and approved, you will need to get the following credential:

  • Token


Attach the Gateway to Rezgo

Copy and paste this information into your Rezgo account by following these instructions:

1. Navigate to Settings in the main menu and click Accept Payments.

2. Click Use a Merchant Gateway (1) and then Attach Merchant Gateway (2).

3.  Select SuperPay from the list of supported gateways.

4. Enter your Token. Select the credit cards you want to accept.

5. Click Attach Account .

If successful, the system will show the following success message:



3 thoughts on “SuperPay

  1. Thank you Stephen for you replay. But it’s still not working. The update to “FULL REST” and gave me a “login e password” to share with the Rezgo’s developer. They also ask to you re-check the token+company number we are using. Can we talk “inbox” or should I open a support ticket? Thank you.

  2. SuperPay doesn’t have any information about this “partnership” and they didn’t know what the “token” could be. We’ve tried the “client number’ but is not working. There’s a “credencial error”. Can you help us?

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