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How to sell Disney products through Rezgo

in Settings Tags: General Settings

If you have a pre-existing agreement to sell through Disney DTI and Rezgo, you can sell Disney products through Rezgo.

You’ll need to attach the credentials provided by Disney before you can begin.

Attach Disney Credentials

First, navigate to Settings > General Settings.

1. Click Attach Disney Credentials under Other Accounts.

2. Attach credentials as provided by Disney.

3. Click Attach Account.

Configure Your Desks

Disney products can only be sold through Sales Desks with IDs matching your Disney Location ID.

First, view the desk’s edit page

1. Enter your Disney Location ID in the ID Number field.

2. Click Save Changes

Only users using a correctly configured sales desk will be able to sell Disney products.

Configure Your Inventory Items

First, navigate to your item’s edit page.

1. Under Tickets, click the Provider dropdown.

2. Select Disney.

3. Click Save Changes.

Configure Your Options

When creating options for Disney products, your price tier SKU and price need to match the SKU and price provided to you by Disney.

Activate Disney Shells

When booking Disney tickets, complete a POS booking as you normally would.

When the order is complete, go to the booking’s details page.

Under Group Information, click Manage Disney Shells.

If the Manage Disney Shells button isn’t enabled, you may not be signed into a properly configured sales desk.

Swipe a Disney shell with the swiper attached to your terminal. Once all shells are swiped, click Activate Swiped Shells.

Ensure the activation completes, and the shells will be ready for your customer to use.


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