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Opayo (formerly Sage Pay) is a leading payment gateway serving merchants in the U.K, Ireland, Spain and Germany.  Rezgo has integrated with Opayo’s direct integration.  This integration allows your customers to pay directly through your Rezgo site and through the Rezgo Point of Sale/Back office booking.

Sign-up with Opayo

If you need to accept credit cards for your business and you are located in the U.K, Ireland, Spain or Germany visit the Opayo site to apply for an account now.

Set-up Your Credentials

To use Opayo with Rezgo we require the following information from your merchant account:

  • Vendor Name

In order to connect your account, you will need to add the following IP address to your Sage Pay Administrative console.  To do this:

  1. Log into your My Sage Pay Administrative console:
  2. Select Settings to continue to configure your account.
  3. Click the Valid IPs tab to proceed.
  4. On the Valid IPs page, select the Add button to be prompted to enter IP addresses.
  5. Enter the following IP Address if not already included:, Subnet Mask
  6. Select Add to add the IP address to the list of valid IP address.
  7. To remove an IP address select the Trash can symbol to the right of the IP address.
  8. If you need to enter additional IP addresses, repeat steps 5 through 7. IP addresses must contain 4 groups of 3 digits and you may need to pad an address with leading zeros. For example – becomes

Once your account is approved, you will receive a Vendor Name.  This is usually your company name in all lowercase with no spaces.

Attach the Gateway to Rezgo


Copy and paste this information into your Rezgo account by following these instructions:

1. Navigate to Settings in the main menu and click Accept Payments.

2. Click Use a Merchant Gateway (1) and then Attach Merchant Gateway (2).

3.  Select SagePay from the list of supported gateways.

4. If you are connecting to your test account, then enter your Vendor Name into the Vendor Test ID field (2).

*If testing, make a booking using the following test credit card information:

Test card no 4929000000006
CCV 123
Expiry date 1015

If you are connecting to your live account, then enter your Vendor Name into the Vendor Live ID field (1). Select the credit cards you want to accept (3).

5. Click Attach Account .

If successful, the system will show the following success message:


This does not mean that the gateway is functioning properly it just means that Rezgo was able to connect to Opayo.  Please make a test booking to ensure that Opayo is processing normally.

IMPORTANT! Do not enter your VendorName into the Vendor Live ID field if you are still testing your account.  If you do, your connection will automatically set to the live gateway.