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Does Rezgo process online payments for me?

in Payments

Rezgo does not process credit card payments for you.  

If you choose to accept credit cards (with or without a payment gateway) you must have the ability to actually process credit card payments.

If you are not using a payment gateway, then you will most likely use a hand held terminal or point of sale to process the credit card payments.  Please note that Rezgo does not support the collection and storage of CVV data.  If you need CVV in order to process MOTO (mail order or telephone orders) you may need to contact your merchant provider to explain to them that this information will not be available.  Otherwise, you may need to contact each customer to get CVV in order to process their cards.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you consider using a proper payment gateway to process online payments.  For more information, please check out our list of compatible payment gateways available at:


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