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Release 8.9.6

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Major Features:

  • TourShield
  • Waiver custom fields
  • Full support on FE price sheet
  • Internal custom forms


  • Added option to opt-out TourShield on general settings. (re-add)
  • Added TourShield metadata flag to booking details.
  • Added TourShield support on payment page. (apply if order total > $25)
  • Added TourShield support on commit.
  • Added TourShield support on processing server API.
  • Added Google map key for front-end.
  • Changed replacing Google maps API with embed on receipt page, printable receipt page, tour detail page, and contact page.
  • Changed custom form select to chosen on booking page.
  • Changed booking count display on dashboard for over 10000 bookings.
  • Added support internal custom forms on inventory option, form library.
  • Changed excluding internal custom forms on search items query.
  • Added including internal custom forms on commit, search bookings queries.
  • Added support custom fields for waivers on settings.
  • Changed deletion warning message for custom fields on settings.
  • Added waiver custom fields on waiver page.
  • Added waiver custom fields on booking detail/edit for per-PAX waiver inventory items.
  • Added waiver custom fields on adding PAX on booking edit for per-PAX waiver inventory items.
  • Added ‘view’ button for signed per-PAX waiver in group info section on booking detail.
  • Changed UI on ‘attach signed waiver’ modal of booking detail.
  • Added delete button for pre-signed waiver on ‘attach signed waiver’ modal of booking detail.
  • Added waiver custom fields on ‘attach signed waiver’ modal of booking detail.
  • Changed removing group info for waiver and signature per PAX if cancelled per-PAX waiver booking.
  • Changed sign waivers button on order summary page and receipt page directing to waiver page.
  • Changed sign waiver button per PAX on receipt page directing to waiver page instead of opening modal.
  • Changed no longer display guest waiver entries on waiver page when re-visiting.
  • Added sending sign waiver email to billing email address for per-PAX waiver item if no PAX emails being entered.
  • Added CSS for purchase instruction on gift card purchase page.
  • Changed updated http links to https.
  • Added net rate column to booking report.
  • Added referral date and referral ID fields on contract payment option on POS.
  • Added referral date and referral ID columns to contract payment report.
  • Changed re-naming search field and column for user on tickets report.
  • Added activity log for ticket issue / void.
  • Added support for null values in price sheets via -.


  • Fixed billing encoding issue on billing detail (admin)
  • Fixed waiver sent status when both email and SMS being sent.
  • Fixed PAX box not being closed on booking detail in some case.
  • Fixed per-pax waiver shown on ‘sign order waiver’ modal when booking with both per-order and per-pax waiver items.
  • Fixed front-end price sheet.
  • Fixed label for ‘Birth Date’ on waiver for mobile.
  • Fixed ‘sign another waiver’ button on waiver complete page not working on mobile/iPad.
  • Fixed ‘print waiver’ button on waiver complete page not working on mobile/iPad.
  • Fixed URL display from Rezgo logo on print preview of waiver page.
  • Fixed company name in default waiver content on waiver page for vendor.
  • Fixed error occurring on waiver sign on vendor booking.
  • Fixed incorrectly assigned item ID on per-pax waiver sign.
  • Fixed waiver page not viewable if site is off.
  • Fixed waiver preview with default content from template settings.
  • Fixed terms and waiver page edit in template setting to set inactive.
  • Fixed waiver sample values missing on voucher / ticket preview from template settings.
  • Fixed special chars not shown on custom form title and preview on inventory option add/edit.
  • Fixed special chars cutting off custom form name by edit in library.
  • Fixed “+” sign gone for custom form adjustment when edit from library.
  • Fixed ‘copy forms’ copied non-selected forms to inventory option.
  • Fixed not override by editing custom form on inventory option creation.
  • Fixed white out on inventory view after restoring deleted item.
  • Fixed display error for price change with rule on booking history.
  • Fixed pre-signed waver attached date shown as 1970 on booking history.
  • Fixed backslash appeared for notification name on booking history and activity log for status change.
  • Fixed ticket link var not shown value in status change notification email.
  • Fixed item specific notification being sent for non-specified item.
  • Fixed performance issue on booking search.
  • Fixed gift card restricted to inventory not applying to said inventory on payment page.
  • Fixed ‘book more’ text change by CSS not affected when removed all items in view order page.
  • Fixed replaced ‘rezgo-option-hide’ error on calendar by price sheet with user-friendly message.
  • Fixed error message for availability error by block size (released in an earlier release)
  • Fixed location name on map missing on receipt page for item with legacy data (city, state, country)
  • Fixed false positives on date range requests on Viator API.


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