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Please note:  As of 2010, PayToStay was not supporting tour or activity providers as merchants.  We recommend using one of other support gateways for the South Africa market including PaymentExpress DPS, or WorldPay.

PayToStay is a payment gateway serving merchants in South Africa. Rezgo has integrated with the PayToStay XML Gateway.  This integration allows your customers to pay directly through your Rezgo site and through the Rezgo POS/Back office booking.  Pre-authorizations and refunds must be complete in the PayToStay interface are not available in Rezgo

Set-up Your Credentials

To use the PayToStay Payment Gateway with Rezgo we require the following information from your PayToStay account:

  • Merchant ID

Once your account is approved, you will receive an PayToStay Merchant ID.

Attach the Gateway to Rezgo

Copy and paste this information into your Rezgo account by following these instructions:

1. Navigate to Settings in the main menu and click Accept Payments.

2. Click Use a Merchant Gateway (1) and then Attach Merchant Gateway (2).

3.  Select PayToStay from the list of supported gateways.

4. Enter your Merchant ID. Select the credit cards you want to accept.

5. Click Attach Account .

If successful, the system will show the following success message:



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