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If you sell inventory through Expedia or Viator, you can import their bookings directly into Rezgo. Imported bookings are brought into Rezgo as back-end/point-of-sale bookings. Note that imported bookings are subject to transaction fees at the back-office rate.

Please note that if you want to import bookings from Viator, you should connect with the Viator Supplier API. If you want to import new bookings from Expedia, you should connect to the Expedia Supplier API.

If you need to use option distribution fields, please follow these instructions:


Set Up Imports

1. Navigate to Settings in the main menu and click General Settings.

2. Under Distribution Fields, check the companies you sell inventory through.

Update Inventory

Next, you will need to update your inventory options to include the IDs of the same inventory on the third-party site.

First, get an inventory option’s ID code from Expedia, Viator or another connected service. Then follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the edit page of the same option in Rezgo.

2. Under Option Settings, locate the field for the third-party site.


3. Enter the option’s ID from the third-party site.

4. Click Save Changes.

When importing bookings, Rezgo will search the inventory database using this ID as the identifier and create a booking that matches the third-party booking.