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How to use Rezgo Built-In Payments to accept credit card payments online

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Built-in Payments allows Rezgo users to take secure credit card payments online with reliable and affordable payment processing, consistent timely payouts, and security of knowing that your funds are protected by leading banks and insurers.

Please note: Rezgo Built-In Payments is only available to Rezgo users. Not a Rezgo user? Sign up here!

If you’re not already using Built-In Payments, you can start today. First, navigate to Settings > Accept Payments.

1. Click Use Rezgo Built-In Payments.

2. Click Attach Your Bank Account Now. You can’t receive payouts until you’ve successfully attached a bank account.

3. Fill out our banking information. This requires company information, banking details (including routing information), a photo or scan of your ID, and a signature, so please be prepared with that information.

4. Click Submit Bank Information.

If there are any issues with your application or information, we’ll contact you via your Rezgo account’s primary email to resolve them. Our payments team is ready to help you get going with online payments, wherever you might be.

While we finalize those details, your customers can start booking online! They can book comfortably knowing that their online bookings are protected with industry-leading security and backing designed for the unique needs of tours and activities.


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