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If you sell bookings in any manner that doesn’t allow you easy access to the Rezgo point-of-sale interface, you can import those bookings to Rezgo with a simple email. Imported booking emails are brought into Rezgo as back-office/point-of-sale bookings. Note that point-of-sale bookings are subject to transaction fees at the back-office rate.


Setting Up an Import Address

1. Navigate to Settings in the main menu and click General Settings.

2. Under Email Import, create an email address that you can send third-party booking emails to by entering a custom name in the Import Address field. This is the address you will send booking information to.


Sending Emails

Once you have an import address set up, you can send booking information to that address.

The information should be included in the following format. The first three fields are mandatory, the others are optional:

item 6818
pax 3
date Oct 8 2014

name Jens Andersen
phone 123 456 7890

The number listed after “item” is the option’s SKU, which you can find listed on its details page.

List the number of passengers being booked after “pax” – they will be imported under the option’s first price tier, so make sure to edit the booking later if that isn’t correct.

Checking Messages

After you send bookings in by email, you can check the status of the imported email by checking your Messages list.

1. Navigate to Messages in the main menu.

2. Find the import message in the messages list.

3. Click to open it.

A message that successfully imports a booking will note that with a Valid flag. You can read the message content to confirm that the correct information was imported. There may be additional details from the booking you need to add manually to the Rezgo booking.


A message that fails to import will note that with an Error flag. There may be more information on the cause for the error. Failed imports may need to be entered manually through the Point of Sale system.


Please note that if you want to import bookings from Viator, you can also connect with the Viator Supplier API.

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