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How to create a revenue report

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To see revenue for bookings made through Rezgo, you can create a Revenue report.

1. Navigate to Reports in the main menu. Under General Reports, click Revenue.

2. Specify a date range by clicking the date field. You can choose from This Month, Last Month, Last 6 Months or a Custom Range of dates. This Month includes the current calendar month to date, not the last 30 days.


3. Click Apply to save your date range (2).

4. Select whether you want to search by the date the booking was created, or the date it was booked for (or used, in the case of open availability options)(3).


You can also toggle whether or not to include pending bookings (4). You may not have received payment for pending bookings, so you may want to exclude them from your report.

4. Click Generate Report. This will bring up revenue totals for all bookings that meet your search criteria.


At this point you can manage the fields of your report, print it or export it to an Excel .csv file. You can also click any line to view the relevant booking’s details.

2 thoughts on “How to create a revenue report

  1. I want a report that gives me the revenue and the actual event it pertains to..so I can allocate it to the proper category within sales..when we receive the payment.. (Fishing event, Paid amount & type of pmt, Date of actual event,).I’ve spent considerable time attempting to get that on the screen, I don’t need the pending or cancelled or any other details….I just want actual activity date utilized. Assuming the credit card charge isn’t charged until the date of actual activity. Can someone please help me get that. It would be like an actual bank statement with details of each deposit or withdrawal.
    I “saved” a report I made last month and I cannot locate it either….grrrr….

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