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How to apply contract pricing

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If you have a contract pricing arrangement with a service provider, you can apply that pricing when creating bookings in the point of sale assuming your user or desk has that feature enabled.

First, navigate to the point of sale.

1. Search for the option or product you want to book.

2. Select that option.

3. For inventory bookings enter the number of spaces to book (1) any promo codes (2) and any notes (3) that are applicable.

For product purchases, select variants (1), enter the quantity to be purchased (2) and any notes (3).

4. Click Change Prices.

5. Toggle Apply Contract Prices.

6. Click Update Prices. This applies the contract price assigned to you but doesn’t associate it with the service provider.

7. Click Payment Options.

8. Select your contract partner (1).

9. Enter the amount of the total contract price that the customer will pay (2). The contract partner will be expected to pay the rest.

10. Enter a referral date (3).

11. Enter a referral ID (4).

12. Click Apply (5).

13. Click Add to Order.

If the booking is to be completed as is, click Complete Order.
If the partner payment needs to be converted to a different option, select the new option at the point of sale.

1. Follow steps 1-5 above.

2. Click Payment Options.

3. Select Convert Existing Booking as the payment source.

4. Select the correct booking from the current order as the booking to convert.

5. Click Apply.

6. Click Add to Order.

7. Click Complete Order and continue the normal booking process.

Restore retail prices

If the terms of the partner payment aren’t met and you need to restore the original retail price, navigate to the booking’s details page.

1. Click the Using Contract Pricing flag.

2. Click Revert to Retail Prices.

3. Add a transaction for the pre-authorized purchase price.


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