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Prepaid Transaction Fees

Prepaid Transaction Fees


Get a bonus of up to 25% by purchasing transaction fee credits in advance! Squirrel away the savings and choose how much credit you wish to purchase in $1000 increments and the bonus credits will be added to your Rezgo account. Read the description below for details.


Purchase your transaction fees in advance and up to 25% in bonus credit.

$1000 = $1100 Credit (10% Bonus)

$3000 = $3450 Credit (15% Bonus)

$5000 = $6000 Credit (20% Bonus)

$10000 = $12500 Credit (25% Bonus)

Purchase the amount you wish in $1000 increments and the associated credit and bonus will be added to your Rezgo account.  The credit is used to offset transaction fees charged to your account on a monthly basis.  Once credits are depleted, outstanding transaction fees are charged to your payment method on file.

Please note: bonus is provided only on accounts with posted rates (Growth @ 3.9% or Enterprise @ 2.9%)


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