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Business Starter Package

Business Starter Package


This package is designed for established businesses who have an existing website, a preferred payment partner relationship, and are looking for assistance with a more sophisticated set-up and configuration.



If you have an established business, an existing website, a preferred payments relationship, multiple sales channels (like agents and activity desk sales) and need help getting your tours or activities set-up with Rezgo, then this package will get you set-up for success.

The Business Starter Package includes:

1. Initial Creation of your tours and activities (up to 50 items/options)

  • Photos (up to 10 photos each)
  • Text (all required text fields)
  • Custom inventory fields (up to 5 custom fields)
  • Pick up locations ( up to 25 locations including text, photos, maps)

2. Set up of availability and pricing rules (up to 20 rules)

  • Discounts
  • Promos
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Linking
  • Open and closed dates

3. Users and security

  • Users (up to 50)
  • Security Levels (up to 5 custom security levels)

4. Sales Desks & Price Sheets

  • Sales Desks (up to 10)
  • Price sheets (up to 10)
  • Configuration of sales desks

5. Set up for payments

6. Template creation

  • Co-branding of your Rezgo white label booking engine.
  • Customize Rezgo styles to match (buttons, calendar, fonts, etc.)

7. Testing Setup

  • Test credit cards
  • Test bookings
  • Create and test specific use cases
  • Test emails, confirmations, cancellations, and pending bookings.

8. Integrate with your website

  • Create a CNAME (if required) – ie. booking.yoursite.name
  • Create a book now button
  • Create buttons and links to specific inventory pages (if required)
  • Integration of the Rezgo booking widget or WordPress plugin

9. Training – Staff & Management

  • Online training (2 hr. included)


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