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Rezgo Trademark and Copyright Guidelines

These guidelines are for Rezgo licensees, authorized resellers, developers, customers, and other parties wishing to use Rezgo’s trademarks, service marks or images in promotional, advertising, instructional, or reference materials, or on their web sites, products, labels, or packaging. Use of the Rezgo Logo for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Rezgo may constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition in violation of federal and provincial laws. Use of Rezgo trademarks may be prohibited, unless expressly authorized.

The licensee agrees to participate in the Rezgo Identification Program in strict accordance with the following terms:
The language and appearance of any reference to Rezgo by the licensee in Yellow Pages, Business Directories, newspaper, other print advertising, electronic media, and business stationery must receive prior approval from Sentias.

This defines the ‘Authorized Rezgo Name and/or Logo’.

  1. This agreement authorizes the use of the Rezgo name and /or logo on the Internet.
  2. The licensee will submit each use of this logo at least seven (7) days in advance of scheduled publication for approval. Multiple applications for any submitted text may be approved. No endorsement shall be implied.
  3. The licensee understands that Sentias reserves the right to withhold its approval for any material it deems to be inappropriate.
  4. The licensee may state “Authorized Rezgo Parnter” or may display the
    approved Rezgo logo, in the following media: newspapers, periodicals, billboards, posters, direct mail, flyers, telephone, TV or radio spots, business cards, stationery, invoices, fax cover sheets, other business documents and in Yellow Pages or other directory advertising.
  5. Should this agreement be terminated for any reason, the licensee agrees to immediately cease using the ‘Authorized Rezgo Name and/or Logo’, and agrees to destroy any materials with the Rezgo logo or phrases imprinted on them within a period of thirty (30) days.
  6. The licensee may use the aforementioned name and/or logo in the described context only during the term of this agreement.
  7. The licensee will not use the Rezgo name and/or logo in any other fashion than that addressed by this agreement. The right to use the ‘Authorized Rezgo Name and/or Logo’ automatically terminates upon termination, resignation or other loss of membership in Sentias . If the licensee uses the Rezgo name and/or logo in Directory Advertising, including Yellow Pages advertising, the licensee agrees to maintain its Rezgo Membership throughout the ‘life’ of the directory.
  8. The licensee agrees to commit to all standards of Rezgo. Only Members in good standing are authorized to use the Rezgo name and/or logo.
  9. Rezgo is a licensee for the use of the logo discussed herein, and thus reserves the right to withdraw its authorization for the use of the logo immediately upon notifying the licensee in writing, without any penalty.
  10. The licensee understands that such withdrawal may also include public notification. The licensee understands that any violation of this agreement may lead to a loss of membership with public notification.
  11. The licensee understands that by becoming a Rezgo licensee, reseller or user, they are bound by the terms of this agreement .
  12. The licensee agrees to hold Sentias harmless from any liability arising out of or in any way connected with the herein identified program.