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Questions : Tour Display

Dan asked 3 years ago

looking forward to using Rezgo for my tour website, I just have a few questions I hope you could help me with.
1. Will my tour listing display be done through Rezgo or my website template? meaning how my tours will appear on the website before they select the book now option.
2. Can the colors of the booking calendar and tour Details page be customized, to match my business theme colors?
3. Am I able to allow reviews and submissions for each tour, will this be done through Rezgo or my template?
4. Will I be able to add tour addons for each tour?
5. Can my confirmation email and invoices be tailored and customized?
6. Am I able to get analytics on my most popular tours etc?

Thanks so much for your help

1 Answers
Rezgo Support answered 3 years ago

Hello Dan,
Thank you for your questions. I’ll try to address them here as follows:

1. This entirely depends on how you plan to connect or set up your booking page and/or external site, or if you plan to use the default Rezgo booking page in any capacity. For more customization or integration information, please contact us at

2.This can be done by modifying the ‘Rezgo Styles’ template under Settings > Templates. This will take some knowledge of HTML/CSS so if you aren’t comfortable yourself we generally recommend working with a developer or designer when possible.

3. We do have a connection with TripAdvisor’s Review Express service, but Rezgo itself does not have a review or submission function at this time.

4. You can certainly create priced add-ons to offer to your customers when they book. This can be done by creating a ‘Priced Checkbox’ booking fields attached to your Inventory Option:

5. You can customize the template of your notification emails, yes, and you can add and edit (albeit in a limited fashion) the content of the default confirmation emails. You also have the option of creating new customizable notifications and item specific notifications.

6. You can add a variety of analytics codes to your Rezgo account, yes. You have the option to enter a general code for front end pages, a conversion code to track bookings and a Google e-Commerce tracking code as well. This allows you to track this data in your own analytics accounts.

Of course, please let us know if you have any further questions at and we’d be more than happy to help.

-Rezgo Support