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Questions : Seasonal Times in Options and Rules

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Phil Everist asked 4 years ago

We have a night tour that runs on selected days during the week but with seasonal times (e.g. 8pm in summer, 6 pm in winter)
The only way I could see to set this up was to create 2 options with the same available days but different times (one set for 6 pm and one set for 8pm), then I created a rule for each option/seasonal date range to set the availability to zero when that option/time should not be listed – i.e. 2 rules per year for as many future years as needed.
Have I missed an easier way to achieve this?
Some suggestions for future development would be:

  • ability to select a seasonal date range in options and rules without the year (i.e. applies to the range on any year)
  • ability to set available days in a rule or combine a date range and available days in an option (i.e. available on these days in this seasonal range)    
1 Answers
Rezgo Support answered 4 years ago

Hello Phil,

Thank you for your question.

To set up seasonal tour dates, you would want to set up your Inventory to be available as a date range and set the first time slot, and create another option for your other date range with the other time slot. You would then need to use Rules to block availability for the days of the week that you will not be running the tours. If you need help setting up any Rules, please don’t hesitate to contact support.

If you’d like to provide feedback as well – or a feature request – please do send an email to

Rezgo Support