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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hi there,I am currently testing our 2016 bookings on a tester WordPress site (ezabeth.com) and am getting two peculiar results.Firstly, when you go into Bookings, and put in a range of dates – for example \'Today\' to \'September 2016\', the results suggests there are tours available every day of the year when in reality, there are 5 months when there are no tours at all.Secondly, even though I am using Pricing Tiers, it is quoting the wrong prices.Any help gratefully appreciated.CheerioEmma

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Rezgo Support Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Emma,  I see what you mean.  The date search on the tour list page will search your tours for availability once you select a date range.  In the case of today to Sept 2016, you'll notice that the search results come back with a very long list of actual availability dates.  In your case, given the nature of your availability, it would probably be best not to show the search calendar and allow the customer to check availability on the tour details page.  I'll track down the css for this if you like.  With regards to the pricing, if you are referring to the starting from price showing 10 when the price levels are 5 or 2.50, the reason for this is that the starting from price is a static price that you set on the tour level where the actual price levels are dynamic based on the price level and rules that get applied.  Generally, it is best to set your starting from price to your most common price level, so in this case 5.
If you are interested, we have a new WordPress plugin that is available for download.  When you install it, it won't interfere with your existing Rezgo plugin, so you can try and it out and see if you like it better before removing the old one.  You can download it here:

Rezgo Support Staff replied 2 years ago

To hide the search form on the tour list page, add this to your custom css field:

#flight { display:none; }

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