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Questions : Rezgo suitable for private charter company?

Current QuestionsCategory: Getting StartedRezgo suitable for private charter company?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

Hi, our company offers private boat tours at flexible times as requested by our customers. We do have a minimum booking of two hours but this can be at any time between 07:00 and midnight. Secondly for this we charge by boat and not per person. We do ask how many passengers there will be as there is a maximum number allowed on board. We also have add-on’s like buffets, snacks and drinks for instance that could be charged ahead of time or partly as a invoice upon completion like a bar tab for instance. The booking must be linked to a customer for payment and our contact for the group. I have played around a little with your system but am not sure if it is suitable for the above. Could you give me an idea if and how you would set this up. I have an test account which you are welcome to dabble into.