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Questions : Rezgo suitable for private charter company?

Current QuestionsCategory: Getting StartedRezgo suitable for private charter company?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hi, our company offers private boat tours at flexible times as requested by our customers. We do have a minimum booking of two hours but this can be at any time between 07:00 and midnight. Secondly for this we charge by boat and not per person. We do ask how many passengers there will be as there is a maximum number allowed on board. We also have add-on’s like buffets, snacks and drinks for instance that could be charged ahead of time or partly as a invoice upon completion like a bar tab for instance. The booking must be linked to a customer for payment and our contact for the group. I have played around a little with your system but am not sure if it is suitable for the above. Could you give me an idea if and how you would set this up. I have an test account which you are welcome to dabble into.

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Anonymous answered 2 years ago

The scenario you describe is more like a rental one than a schedule tour. Rezgo doesn’t really work well for variable start and end time rental scenarios like this. It works very well for schedule tours or activities where the start time is set.

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