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Questions : Other booking engines store cvv, why not Rezgo?

Current QuestionsCategory: PaymentsOther booking engines store cvv, why not Rezgo?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I am reviewing some booking engines for my website.  One offers a “vault” that stores credit card information including cvv.  I noticed that in your documentation you say that you don’t store cvv.  I need cvv to do my payments, how can I get that information using Rezgo?

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2 Answers
Stephen Joyce Staff answered 2 years ago

It is against PCI regulations to store CVV2 data subsequent to an authorization, that’s why Rezgo does not store this information.  If these other online reservation systems are storing or emailing the CVV2 data, then they are in violation of PCI rules.  As a result, if you use these systems and a security breach or compromise occurs, you may face heavy fines or have your ability to accept credit cards permanently revoked.
If you are doing manual credit card processing by capturing credit card data and then processing the transaction through your terminal or processing machine, your merchant account needs to be allowed to process ‘card not present’ transactions, which do not require the CVV2 data. Please contact your merchant provider directly and ask them about processing without CVV2 data.

Alternatively, you should consider using one of the many payment gateways currently supported by Rezgo.  Rezgo does allow the capture of CVV2 when using a payment gateway because this data is sent directly to the merchant process and is not stored.
For more information about our PCI and security policies, see: 

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Anonymous answered 2 years ago

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