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Questions : Not redirected to Paypal

Current QuestionsCategory: PaymentsNot redirected to Paypal
Putu Lestari asked 3 years ago

Hello there,I have installed WordPress Rezgo plugin on my wordpress website at https://www.balitriip.com/tours/I have tested it, all works very well except when check out is not redirected to Paypal.
When I clik Pay with Paypal now it is redirected to: https://www.balitriip.com/wp-content/plugins/rezgo/rezgo/php_paypal/process.php
And error message appear:The http://www.balitriip.com page isn’t workingwww.balitriip.com is currently unable to handle this request.HTTP ERROR 500What I can do to resolve this problem?Thank you

1 Answers
Stephen Joyce answered 3 years ago

Hi Putu, This is the kind of question that is best directed to the support team. Please submit this to support@rezgo.com and the support team there can help you with this issue.