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Mich asked 5 years ago

Good day. I am wondering. I run a small watersports operation. I have three time slots per day: 9.30, 12:30 and 14:30, with 16 seats per departure. Is this something that can be configured with rezgo?

Stephen Joyce replied 5 years ago

You can use adjustments to make changes to availability on a case by case basis. Note however that adjustments appear in your reporting or manifests. If you need to manage these bookings, it’s better to add them in using the point of sale. This does incur a charge, but you get the value of having all your availability, reporting, and revenues in one place. Check out this article about adjustments for more details:

Mich replied 5 years ago

Previous answer sounds great.
I have one more question. I have several cruise ship contracts. When cruise ship guests book thru the cruise ships, obviously the number of seats available goes down. However, this is NOT a booking through your software. Can I just downsize the available number of seats, or do I have to do a “back end booking” and lose an additional 1% of what cruise ships already take 50% or more from?

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Rezgo answered 5 years ago

Yes, Rezgo is designed for this type of scenario. You will want to create separate options for each time slot. Each option will have 16 spots available. Take a look at these two articles about creating inventory and options.