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Questions : Multi-Language

Darrell Beaujon asked 2 years ago

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Stephen Joyce answered 1 year ago

Rezgo is English only at this time.  Although some suppliers have managed to load different languages into product detail fields, some field types do not support accented characters properly.  We are working on adding multi-language support.

Stephen Joyce replied 11 months ago

The initial steps have been made to ensure that all fields in the system support all international character sets. Now that this has been done, we’ll be continuing to work towards making the system support multi-language and localization. I don’t have a definitive time frame for this yet but we’ll announce progress as it is made.

Peter Czwiertnia replied 11 months ago

Hi Stephen,

is the multi-language support active?


Gab replied 1 year ago

Hello Stephen, it is good to hear that you are working on a multi-language support because we would like to create an account and have korean, japanese and chinese. That would be great if rezgo could handle these languages too !!

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shaun answered 1 year ago

Multi language would be an essential feature to the already brilliant Rezgo system. I use rezgo seemlessly with my company but the being a tour agency in Europe that attracts many different nationalities i feel the language feature would complete the booking engine…

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