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Paul Cunningham asked 5 years ago

Hi, can you tell me how to show discounts at the front-end? On other company websites using Rezgo I can see the original price in red with a line through it preceding the discounted price. I\’ve set up my discounts using rules and they work ok but I would like to let the customers see that there is a saving. Thanks Paul.

1 Answers
Rezgo answered 5 years ago

Using rules in general is a good way to change your pricing (seasonally for example) but it will not show as a discount. You can show discounts on the front-end using promotional codes.  When a promotional code is applied, the original price will be slashed out and the new price displayed next to it.  You can automatically apply a promotional code to your site by including it in a link.  For example:

  1. Create a rule that discounts all or some tours by 20% and call the promo code save20
  2. Add a link on your site that says Save 20%
  3. Use the following link example

When a customer clicks on the link the promotional code automatically gets applied and the pricing is shown as a discount.  You can find more details about creating a promotional code in this article: