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Phil Everist asked 4 years ago

Currently a date/time option will disappear off the calendar once the cutoff time has been reached. We run sailing trips and use a 9am cutoff time on the day to switch from advance online bookings to on-the-day walk up/phone bookings but we need people looking at our site online after 9am to see all scheduled options right up to the departure times (just not able to book online). With the current system it just looks there are no scheduled sails once the 9am cutoff time is reached
As a feature request, can the system please be changed to keep the option date/time visible and just replace the booking options (Qty etc) with a message  saying “online bookings closed” . Ideally this would be a custom message that can be set in the admin settings. For our situation we would want to set the message to “Online bookings have closed – please call on (mobile number) to check availability”  (the msg could be limited in the number of available characters)

1 Answers
Rezgo Support answered 4 years ago

Hello Phil,

Thank you for your feedback.

What you suggest isn’t something that can be done in Rezgo at this time, unfortunately, as the software is designed for online bookings, and point of sale bookings done manually can ignore the cutoff time which you would use for phone bookings or walk-ins.

If you’d like to submit a feature request to the team, please do send it to and we’d be more than happy to take it into consideration.

-Rezgo Support