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Questions : How to sort by a combination of tags

Current QuestionsCategory: WordPressHow to sort by a combination of tags
Holly asked 4 years ago

Lets say I have twenty classes that are tagged with either “apple” or “orange”. Some of the “apple” classes are also tagged with “red” and some of them are tagged with “green”. I want to set up a page that will only display classes with the terms “apple” AND “red” so that only red apples appear and not green apples or oranges. What short code can I use to achieve this?
Thanks in advance!

1 Answers
Rezgo Support answered 4 years ago

There is a short code for multiple tags but it only supports OR searches at this time, so I don’t think it would do what you want:

[rezgo_shortcode tags=”apple,red”]

You can find more short code examples here: