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Questions : How to set up as an affiliate?

Current QuestionsCategory: PaymentsHow to set up as an affiliate?
Lindsay asked 5 years ago

I helped a small business set up their Rezgo account and we both want me to be an affiliate of their products (i.e. set up an affiliate link that I can post on my site to earn a small % everytime I refer someone to them) .

There are instructions, here /2010/10/using-rezgo-as-an-affiliate-system

It says I should be able to search for providers and add them via Rezgo Connect, but I can’t figure out how to do this. Does anyone have any experience setting this up? Thanks.

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Rezgo Support answered 5 years ago

Hi Lindsay.  I think we already took care of this via email, but just to re-iterate, if you are looking to sign-up new providers on to the Rezgo platform, we have a partner program available.  You can find the agreement here:

If you are looking to resell the tours on behalf of another company, I would recommend setting up a relationship with them and use a referral ID to track the sales.  It is much easier and doesn’t require that you set-up a payment gateway.  You can find out more about tracking sales partner bookings in this article: