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Questions : How to offer a family (2 adult 2 children) product AND reduce availability by 4?

Current QuestionsCategory: InventoryHow to offer a family (2 adult 2 children) product AND reduce availability by 4?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

Hi all
My inventory is a day tour to a Zoo via minibus. There are 11 seats on the bus. 
My option is “City Departure” with two pricing tiers: 

  1. Adult
  2. Children

I would like to offer 2 more pricing tiers

  1. Family of 4 
  2. Family of 5

But when a customer selects and books a Family of 4 ticket, I want to provide a discount of course. Say $50 off. But I also need to reduce my available spaces by 4.   Is there a way of doing this?
Perhaps I need to setup my Options, Pricing Tiers, Inventory differently?
Some help appreciated. 

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Anonymous answered 6 years ago

On the Inventory page I would explain the two different family tickets available and then create one rule for  passenger count of four and another rule with a passenger count of 5 to reduce the price to a certain amount.
If you have the adult and child option showing, people will just put the amount of children into it and it will reduce the price.
On the bookable option in the Inventory section you can mark adult and child tier as required.
I guess that’s as close as you would get, most people will follow your instructions and will put in 2 adults and 2-3 children, in theory they could put in 1 adult and 3 children, but that’s quite unlikely to happen.