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Questions : How can we set up an open dated tour voucher in the system

Current QuestionsCategory: BookingsHow can we set up an open dated tour voucher in the system
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

We are receiving requests for Christmas Gift Vouchers for our tours. Is it possible to process an open dated voucher through the system/or process a booking payment that isn’t assigned to a particular tour date? From there we can set up a unique coupon code for them to use when redeeming payment for the tour.

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Rezgo Support Staff answered 2 years ago

Proper gift card/certificate support is currently in development and won’t be released until mid-January or so. That said, we have a number of other operators that sell gift certificates using Rezgo, you just need to set them up in a particular way. Here is how we recommend doing it:

1. Create an inventory item called “Gift Vouchers”
2. Add the usual descriptions and information. Don’t worry about all the fields, they are not required.
3. Create a bookable options. If you would like to create one for each lesson you offer, you can do that, or you can create a options based on monetary value ($50, $100, $200, etc.).

Because Rezgo is date based, the customer will still need to select a date but you can explain this in the description if you like.

Here are two good examples of how other businesses have set this up:


If you need anything else, just let us know. Once the full gift voucher system is live, you can transition away from using regular inventory.

Stephen Joyce Staff replied 10 months ago

Development was stopped due to other priority features at that time. The gift card functionality is now in development and we hope to have it live in one of the next releases.

Jill Collins replied 11 months ago

On the support section of your website it says that proper gift card/certificate support is currently in development and won’t be released until (this past) mid-January or so but there haven’t been any additional comments added in the last ten months. Has this been developed and released as we would like to add a gift card/certificate/voucher option to our Rezgo.com account and website set to go live on November 1st, tied to a promotion.

Stephen Joyce Staff replied 2 years ago

Once the customer purchases a gift voucher, create a single use promotional code in the amount that they purchased. Send it to them via email if you like. They will be able to use the promotional code to book a lesson on your site. Here is an article about creating a promotional code: https://www.rezgo.com/support-article/create-promo-codes-using-rules

Rebecca replied 2 years ago

Ok, I have set up the inventory in the system. However, how can a guest then redeem their voucher online? Or can they only do it via the phone?

Rebecca replied 2 years ago

Great, thanks so much for your advice. Will give that a go and set up. Thanks for the example of how others set up and manage.

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