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Questions : Does Rezgo integrate with a wix website?

Current QuestionsCategory: Getting StartedDoes Rezgo integrate with a wix website?
Highland Tours asked 5 years ago
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Rezgo Support replied 4 years ago

Hello Jakes,

If you are interested in creating a WordPress website, we do have a WordPress Plugin that you can use to integrate your Rezgo tour offerings into your site. For more information on the plugin, please take a look at the download page:

If you’d like to continue with Wix, you can certainly add a ‘Book Now’ button to your page, to bring your customers to your Rezgo booking page.

Both options would require an account with Rezgo, and your Rezgo account can indeed be integrated with TripAdvisor. For more information on cost, please take a look at our pricing page:

-Rezgo Support

Jakes Conradie replied 4 years ago

Good day. This is the same question I had since my new tours site is with Wix, and I am struggling to get a good booking engine. Think I must start building a new site with you and integrate with What is the cost implication besides buying a similar domain, or can I just link the one to the other, maybe to your site with a booking link? ( From wix with a booking button linked to rezgo, but will it still be possible to link with Tour Adviser?) Thanks

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Rezgo Support answered 5 years ago

Hi there,

There is currently no direct integration with Wix.

Rezgo Support