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Juan Carlos Vargas asked 6 months ago

Hi :I modified the CSS for my website but with the new update i lost all modifications, is there any way to modify the CSS so i wont lost everything with the new update ?

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2 Answers
Stephen Joyce answered 6 months ago

The update was a brand new user interface and design so the unfortunately the templates and custom css couldn't be brought into the new design.  If you are modifying the css only, you can do that in your Rezgo account directly using the Settings > Templates > Rezgo CSS.  Those css changes will carry over into your WordPress site as well.

Juan Carlos Vargas replied 6 months ago

Ok , thanks ill have a try.

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Roy K Fahey answered 4 months ago

Bootswatch builds the normal Twitter Bootstrap from the latest version (whatever you install in the bootstrap directory), but also imports your customizations. This makes it easy to use the the latest version of Bootstrap, while maintaining custom CSS, without having to change anything about your HTML. You can simply sway boostrap.css files. Click here for getting more info.

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