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Questions : Can I use Rezgo as an activity broker ?

Current QuestionsCategory: BookingsCan I use Rezgo as an activity broker ?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

Hi, I’m currently in the process of creating an activity broker website which essentially details several of the higher priced tours for a specific destination, my issue is linking up the tour operators live calendar with the time slots which will be available on my site, have you experienced a setup like this and can you explain how this would work ? I would want it to be real-time without the need for manual intervention….. 

Garvan replied 5 years ago

I’d also be interested in the same functionality

1 Answers
Rezgo answered 5 years ago

You can certainly use Rezgo as an activity broker.  In order to show live availability, your providers would need to be using Rezgo as well or at least managing the inventory they wish to share with you through a connected Rezgo account.  Rezgo does not connect with third party inventory systems, so if your providers were not using Rezgo you would need to load and manage their inventory through your own account.

Rezgo Support replied 5 years ago

There is currently no support for allowing a user to access and edit only inventory that they “own”. This is a feature that has been requested and we are planning on adding this functionality in a coming release.

For connected accounts, the supplier pays the Rezgo fee not the reseller.

Rowan Peterson replied 5 years ago

Hi, is there a way you can allow suppliers to login and access/edit only their activity in this scenario?
Can you also point me in the right direction for ‘How to connect Rezgo accounts’ – if we connect accounts who pays the Rezgo? Is it still us of the connected account.