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Questions : anyone struck this type of scenario before?

Current QuestionsCategory: Bookingsanyone struck this type of scenario before?
dererck Gray asked 2 years ago

i have 4 routes two guides and a total of 6 Segways on any routei (including the guide) but no not than 6 in total spread across all routes.
one route takes the north  and returns in 1 hr, another takes a journey east and returns 90 mins later
the third takes the west route and get back 2 hrs after departure. The final route is a 3 hr south journey.
Sometimes we may have only 1 guide on so our scheduling needs to take into account day to day scheduling.
Thus there are these possible configurations>
5+1  (+1 is the guide) (=6) 1 route
4+1 – 1 route and one spare segway
3+1, and 1+1  (=6) – 2 routes
2+1, and 2+1  (=6) – 2 routes
Clearly we need this to be automatic and practically what needs to happen is once a route is booked then the availability of the adjacent time frames/routes needs to be reduced by 1 to cope with the guide.

1 Answers
Rezgo Support answered 2 years ago

Hello Dererck,

Thank you for your question.

While Rezgo does not have the ability to set up exactly what you described to be automatic, we do have a robust Rules system that you can use to link, or limit availability of your tours, blocking them out when the availability has been reached in another tour. For example if a spot is booked on one tour, the remaining availability between the linked items would be reduced by 1.

For information on how to link availability between inventory, please take a look at our support document here: /support-article/use-rules-link-availability-inventory-items

For assistance or recommendations on how to set up Rules in your Rezgo account to suit your business, please feel free to email support@rezgo.com and our team would be more than happy to assist you.

-Rezgo Support