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Questions : Adding a guide to a tour

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Phil Everist asked 5 years ago

We have multiple guides who get assigned to a tour instance – an alternate system I have looked at provided the option to set up all guides as users, then easily open up a specific tour date/time from a calendar view and add the guide. As owners we can easily check that all upcoming tours have a guide (who ideally has ‘accepted’ they will be the guide) and they can filter the calendar by their name to see what tours they have coming up. Can this be done in Rezgo and if so how? 

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Rezgo answered 5 years ago

No, Rezgo does not support this functionality at this time.  We do however have an integration with a staff management application called Ento which allows you to manage all your staff allocations, time tracking, and reporting.  You can find out more about this integration here: /ento/