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Quality Assurance Program for Destinations

Many destinations want to maintain exclusive relationships with their providers in order to ensure quality assurance program criteria are met and maintained throughout the duration of the relationship.  These relationships generally also extend into a distribution relationship where provider products are only sold or distributed through a destination’s exclusive channel, if the provider has met certain criteria and been approved for inclusion and distribution.

DMO quality assured program
Manage unique quality assured programs for your trusted destination partners.

In a traditional technology environment, this would mean the destination would have to build and maintain a closed or walled application environment where the data is strictly managed and controlled by the destination.  These extranets are both expensive and hard to maintain since they require the destination to build, host, and maintain their own application platform.

Rezgo has a solution that meets the requirements of DMOs & CVBs who wish to maintain exclusive distribution channels and to manage the relationships with their providers.

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Using the RezgoConnect platform, organizations can create their own exclusive sales channels. This sales channel can be connected directly to the organizations own merchant payment gateway and used to centralize sales through a single payment provider. Travellers who purchase tours and activities through the exclusive channel are paying the organization directly and can be assured that providers are approved by the organization in question. Alternatively, the destination can choose to use the Rezgo Payment gateway, in which case, Rezgo will collect and distribute payments to providers directly, thereby reducing the administration burden on the destination.  Other benefits for destinations include:

  • reduced technology costs
  • ability to control who participates in your channel
  • act as merchant of record or have Rezgo manage payments for you
  • access to aggregated product data in one place
  • offer a powerful value add service to quality assured partners
  • generate additional revenue through distribution and residuals

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For operators, the application process is simple. Once the provider has created a Rezgo account, they complete their company profile, and submit a request to connect with the organization through the RezgoConnect platform. If the provider meets the organization’s strict criteria, the organization can approve their request immediately and the provider will be included in the organization’s exclusive channel. If, however, the provider does not meet the organization’s requirements, their request can be rejected and the provider will not be included.  Other benefits for providers include:

  • inventory management
  • customer database with booking history
  • access to online bookings
  • comprehensive point of sale / back office booking functionality
  • integration with popular payment gateways (for fast & convenient payment)
  • detailed reporting
  • ability to participate in exclusive channels (at the channel’s discretion)



To find out more about how Rezgo can help you manage your destination’s quality assured sales channel, contact us today!