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Built-in Payments FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Built-in Payments powered by TrustMyTravel

Simplicity & Convenience withBuilt-in Payments powered by TrustMyTravel

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Credit Card Payments Built Right In

Built-in Payments is a credit card payment processing service that is directly integrated with the Rezgo platform.  Together with our payment partner, TrustMyTravel, we have integrated the account creation and management process directly into Rezgo making the whole payment process as simple and convenient as possible.  As soon as you sign up for a Rezgo account, your Built-in Payments account is created and ready to go.  You can start to receive online payments at industry leading rates immediately in the currency of your choice.  Once you submit your banking details, you’ll begin receiving your weekly deposits directly into your business bank account via Wire Transfer or ACH.

Exclusive to users of Rezgo

Rezgo Built-in payments is a payment service designed exclusively for users of the Rezgo platform and is not a general payment gateway.


Questions & Answers


Built-in Payments is a fully integrated payment processing platform for the exclusive use of tour, activity, attraction, excursion, and event businesses who use Rezgo.

When you sign-up for Rezgo, you have the option to activate your Built-in Payments account.  Go to Settings > Accept Payments to activate Built-in Payments.

Yes. The payment system on which Built-in Payments is built is PCI-DSS certified and credit card safe.  The system is protected with a bank grade SSL certificate.  Feel free to read more about our Security.

Yes, you can do pre-authorizations in Rezgo.  Pre-authorizations are available for point of sale bookings only and last for seven (7) days.

If there is a dispute or chargeback, you will receive an email regarding the chargeback.   You will need to respond to this email to get as much information as possible to help support you through the process.

Yes. Built-in Payments powered by TrustMyTravel is designed to support businesses in every country around the World (excluding OFAC sanctioned countries).

Rates for Rezgo Built-in payments start at 1.92% but vary based on where your business is located.  For more information about the rate for your country, take a look at this credit card rate chart.

No, Rezgo does not charge anything extra for you to use Built-in Payments.  All bookings are still subject to the Rezgo fees however, as outlined on our pricing page.

You can disable Built-in Payments if you actively use one of the other Rezgo supported payment gateways.  You cannot accept only manual payment methods for online bookings, such as cash, cheque, or pay on site although you can offer these in addition to credit card payments.

Yes, you will receive a payout report directly when a payout has been made for your account.  In addition, we are working on adding additional real-time reporting so that you can check your payouts at any time.

Yes.  Built-in Payments is exclusive to the Rezgo platform.  You must be a tour, activity, attraction, excursion, or event business using Rezgo to take bookings in order to useBuilt-in Payments powered by TrustMyTravel.

Visa and MasterCard payments are supported Worldwide.  Depending on where your business is located, you’ll be able to accept other cards as well.  You can refer to this chart for more information about what cards you can accept in your country.

You can begin accepting payments as soon as your account is activated.  Account approval and activation takes about 24 hours.  As soon as your Rezgo account is set-up and your tours and activities are live, you can start taking bookings and payments.

Payouts are based on a 7 day rolling cycle with an initial 7 day delay.  This means that you will receive your first pay out 14 days after your first transaction.  Payouts will follow on every 7 days after that unless your payout scheedule has been changed.  Depending on whether your payouts are done via wire transfer or ACH, it may take a day or two for funds to land in your bank account.

Payouts are initiated on a rolling 7 day cycle.  On first payments, some banks may require additional details or compliance checks in order to ensure the safety of the transfers.  If your bank account is personal or if there are any other red flags, there may be a delay while your account passes compliance.  If you have any concerns, please contact our support team.

Refunds are done in the point of sale.  Simply click on the refund button next to the credit card transaction you need to refund.  You will have the option to do partial or full refunds.

Built-in Payments supports every currency available.  When you set up your Rezgo account, you’ll be asked to choose your currency.

There is no charge for refunds.  If you refund a customer, the original fee will also be refunded.

Absolutely. Built-in Payments powered by TrustMyTravel is there to help make it simple for you to accept credit card payments.  If however, you have your payment gateway and would like to use that instead, you are free to do so.  Rezgo supports over forty (40) payment gateways worldwide.

You can find transaction details for all transactions (approved and declined) in the Transaction Report.  Payout details will begin to show up once payouts are made to your bank.

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