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What are Verified Guest Reviews?

Reviews that have been collected from verified guests of a tour, activity, event, or attraction business.  Verified reviews, such as those collected by the Rezgo Verified Guest Reviews platform are guaranteed to be legitimate.  Unlike reviews on popular review websites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp which cannot be guaranteed to be real, verified guest reviews are collected from actual guests who have booked and subsequently taken a tour with a business.

Benefits of collecting verified reviews include:

  1. Improved SEO – Review content is collected and displayed on the businesses own website.  Reviews collected by third parties only benefit the review site.  Often times the review widgets that these review sites offer in order to display ratings on a business website are designed so that they only improve the ranking of the review website.
  2. No #FakeReviews – Fake and fraudulent reviews are common place on large review websites and getting them removed can be difficult resulting in a negative hit to a business’ online reputation.  By only collecting Verified Guest Reviews, a business is guaranteed not to get any fake reviews.  Customer confidence is also improved because they can trust that the reviews they are reading are from actual customers.
  3. Privacy Protection – Customer privacy is extremely important.  By using a verified guest reviews service such as the one provided in Rezgo, and collecting reviews from actual customers, a business need not ask for sensitive customer information or send that information to another website.  The customer is safe knowing their private details are not being shared.

Verified reviews are much more trustworthy and improve both business reputation and customer confidence.  If you are sending customers to a third party website to write a review, consider changing your marketing approach and collect verified guest reviews instead.

Note: Verified Guest Reviews is a trademark of Rezgo

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