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What is a Rule?

One of a set of principles or regulations that controls the way pricing or inventory is managed in a tour operator software or inventory system.  A rule is comprised of three main parts;

  1. Rule Trigger – the conditions under which the actions associated with the rule should take affect.
  2. Tour Option(s) – the inventory items that are being affected by the rule.  This may be one or many tour option(s) upon which the actions associated with the rule will be made.  The actions are the same for all affected inventory items.
  3. Rule Action(s) – One or more actions that take effect when all rule triggers conditions are met.

Rules work in conjunction with each other and, as such, rules can have a variety of affects including discounting prices, adjusting inventory during certain date ranges, or blocking out inventory.  By using rules, a tour operator can apply yield management techniques to their tour options in order to increase revenues and improve profitability.

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