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What is an Online Tour Booking?

An online tour booking is a booking made by a consumer using an online booking website.  Regardless of the type of website, whether it is the provider’s own website or a reseller’s website, if the booking is made via the web, then it is made online.

Online tour bookings are made possible through the use of an online booking engine.  The common user experience for an online tour booking is as follows:

  1. The customer searches for tour or activity online (using a search engine).
  2. The customer is directed to a tour details page on a provider website.
  3. The customer selects a date to view availability for the tour.
  4. The online booking engine displays availability and pricing for the selected tour.
  5. The customer enters the number of guests to book.
  6. The online booking engine adds the booking to an order or shopping cart.
  7. The customer has the option to add other tours to their order.
  8. The customer completes the booking and pays using their credit card.
  9. The system issues a ticket or voucher to the customer.
  10. The system also sends an email with a confirmation and link to the ticket or voucher for reference.

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