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What is a Concierge?

French term for staff member of a hotel generally responsible for parking, luggage, general guest services, and more recently, recommending and booking local restaurants, tours, and attractions.  In many hotels the Concierge generates commission revenue for the hotel (and themselves) by reselling local activities as an agent or affiliate similar to an activity desk.  In most cases, the Concierge sets up an agency agreement with providers in the destination to sell their tours or activities on commission.

Suppliers have two ways to set up Concierges for selling their tours and activities.  The first is to create to create a Referral ID that allows the provider to track bookings from the Concierge.  The provider can then create a report that shows all bookings from a specific referral id and pay commissions accordingly.

The second way to support Concierge bookings is to create an agent login into your tour operator software so that the Concierge can access a point of sale and make a booking directly for the customer.  In this case, the Concierge could act as either a commission agent or a net rate agent either taking payment from the customer directly or inputing the customer credit card into the point of sale.

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