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What is an API?

Acronym for Application Programming Interface.  A method for two different applications or systems to communicate with it other.

An API may be for a web-based system, operating system, or database system, and it provides facilities to develop applications for that system using a given programming language. As an example, a programmer who develops apps for Rezgo would use the Rezgo API to interact with account data such as availability, product information, and bookings.

The Rezgo API, for example, is an XML & JSON API meaning that programmers can interact with Rezgo by making requests and interpreting responses that are written in either XML or JSON.  Rezgo also communicates with other systems via APIs, most notably, the Viator Supplier API, the Expedia Supplier API, and the TripAdvisor Review Express API.  All these APIs allow Rezgo to expand functionality while benefiting from advanced features in complimentary systems.

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