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What is an Add-on?

Optional tour features that are not included in the base tour price, such as meals, upgrades, or special activities that are specific to the tour being booked.

During the booking process, a consumer may be asked if they wish to add optional features to their booking.  Add-ons are usually upgrades or additional services that have a charge or fee associated with them.  In many cases, because these upgrades contain services that are different then the primary tour or activity, taxes and fees are included in their pricing.

When creating an add-on for an existing tour or activity, be sure to include all taxes and fees into the price of the add-on.  The add-on will appear on the invoice after the total including all fees and taxes for the primary tour or activity being booked.

It is important to note that add-ons may deduct an amount from the tour.  For example, if the customer has the option to bring their own equipment, an operator may deduct a certain amount from the tour.

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