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Solutions for tour & activity operators?

There are, of course, many types of tour operators.  As a result, many of the tour operator software systems available today focus on tour operators who bundle hotel, air, and other travel components together.  There are, however, many other tour operators that provide tours and activity services directly to the touring public when they are in a particular destination.  Tour operators such as these might include companies that do guided bus tours, walking tours, sightseeing tours, boat or canal tours, bicycle tours, adventure tours, whale watching, as well as a host of other experiences.  What differentiates these companies from other tour operators however, is that these companies deliver the services to the traveling public as opposed to bundling and reselling the services of other providers.  Rezgo is the leading tour operator software system designed specifically for tour and activity operators.


Rezgo responsive booking engine

Professional & Secure Online Booking Experience

The online booking process using Rezgo is straight-forward and provides your customers with a simple, understandable, and safe way to book your tours & activities through your own website.

Customers link to your Rezgo powered online booking engine through your existing website.  Depending on what device they are using, your customers will see a desktop or mobile version of the booking engine.  The layout and design of the booking engine is flexible and changes to suit the customer’s device, so the experience is always optimal.

Once the customer books a tour or activity, they are presented with a voucher.  They are also sent an email confirmation with a link to their receipt and printable voucher.  All in all, the booking experience takes only a few steps and is completely secure.

What is a tour operator software?

Tour operator software is an application that allows a tour operator (specifically operators who provide tours and activities in a destination) with the ability to:

  • Add, edit, delete tour and activity information including descriptions, photos, embedded videos, geo tags, itineraries, schedules, pricing, and availability.
  • Manage customer contact information including address, email, phone, notes, customer type, booking history.
  • Accept reservations through an online booking interface which connects with the tour operators credit card merchant account in order to process live payments.
  • Keep customer information safe through the use of industry leading security and fraud prevention features.
  • Send automated emails and vouchers to the customer once they have booked.
  • Automatically track seats in order to prevent overbooking and reduce cancellations.

New Rezgo Dashboard provides access to vital information about your tour or activity business.

Rezgo is software for tour and activity operators

Rezgo is a tour operator software system designed for the companies that deliver tourism services to travelers in a destination.  Rezgo is ideally suited for operators who provide day or half-day products and services that are scheduled and have fixed or free availability.  Businesses like adventure outfitters, sightseeing companies, attractions, and activity brokers are some examples of operators who use Rezgo to manage their bookings. Rezgo gives tour & activity operators the tools to manage product information, track customers, receive online reservations and bookings, and even accept payments in real-time.  Rezgo provides the tour operator with a hosted booking engine that they can add to their website in order to receive online bookings.

Choosing the best tour reservation system for your business.

Choosing a tour reservation system can be a daunting task for many businesses.  Don’t get stuck using a system that is not designed for your tour or activity business.

Almost all of the tour operators who use Rezgo are companies who provide tour and activity services directly to travelers when they are in a particular destination.  Tour operators such as these might include companies that do guided bus tours, walking tours, sightseeing tours, boat or canal tours, bicycle tours, adventure tours, whale watching, as well as a host of other experiences.  So if you are an adventure outfitter, sightseeing company, attraction or activity broker and you are looking for a tour reservation system that is designed for your type of business, you should choose Rezgo. 

What makes Rezgo the best tour reservation system?

Rezgo is a tour reservation system designed specifically for tour and activity operators.  Using Rezgo, you can display your tours and activities on a professionally designed and secure online booking website.  Customers can browse and book your tours and activities 24/7/365 and purchase in confidence knowing that their personal credit card information is safe and secure.  Rezgo gives you all the tools you need to manage your  customers’ details and provide a superior online booking experience.

The Rezgo Tour Reservation System simplifies the technology so that you can focus on running your business and providing quality experiences for your customers.

Online Booking

Beautifully designed online booking experience.

Mobile Booking

Smartphone & tablet optimized mobile booking experience.

Phone Sales

Manage phone and direct customer sales.

Payment Integration

Get paid directly by your customers in real-time.

Choose Rezgo as your tour operator software because Rezgo is…

A time saver

If you currently manage bookings using a paper ledger or calendar or even Microsoft Excel, then Rezgo can save you a lot of time managing your seats, your payments, and your customer information.  Accept bookings over the phone or in person? Rezgo provides you with a point of sale interface that uses your master inventory, no more checking manually.  Rezgo allows your customers to choose a tour or activity, select a date, choose a pricing option, and make a payment, all online and in real-time.  Your customers book with you no matter where they are or what it is.  Rezgo saves you valuable administration time so you can focus on building your business.

Reliable & Available

All you need to access the Rezgo tour operator software is a computer (or mobile device) with an Internet Connection. Get notified of new bookings by email as soon as they come in. This allows you to use Rezgo at the office or on top of a mountain, giving you control at all times.

Ready when you are

Rezgo is ready when you are.  It only takes a few minutes to sign-up and, if you have your content ready, you could be ready to take online bookings in as little as thirty minutes.

Designed for Tours & Activities

Rezgo is tour operator software that is scalable and flexible, it has a proven track record with City Sight Seeing tours, Hop-On Hop-Off Tours, Activities, Adventure Tours, Dinner Cruises, Boat Tours, Cultural Tours, Food Tours, Whale Watching Tours, Eco Tours, and many others.  Don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself at some of the featured Rezgo members.  Rezgo isn’t just another general booking engine or scheduling application, Rezgo is designed from the ground up specifically for tour and activity businesses.  You get the features and support you need from a team that knows the industry better than anyone.

Open for business

With Rezgo, your tours and activities are available on your own website to customers around the World and through resellers and directory sites across the Internet. Rezgo is always on and is always working for you 24/7.

Ready to grow with you

Not only is Rezgo a great online booking solution for any company that is just getting started with online bookings, it is also a great online booking solution for established companies who plan on doing larger booking volumes or require a point of sale.

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