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Booking Software for Scenic Railway Tours

The best choice for rail tours is Rezgo

As a scenic railway or rail tour operator you want to make it easy for your customers to find you online and to book your tour.  Using the Rezgo online booking software means having a professional, trustworthy, and secure website as well as mobile interface that allows customers to book your rail tours on their mobile device while in your destination.

Fill Your Seats in Advance

Rezgo can help you increase your revenues by making it easy for your customers to book your submarine tours in advance and receive instant confirmations. You get instant payments directly to through your payment process or choice and the comfort of knowing that pre-paid online bookings have a less than a 2% cancellation rate.  

Your customers will be happy know their private information is secured and that their booking is confirmed.

Multi-item point of sale, tickets, and activity waivers in Rezgo.

Fast & efficient point of sale

A large number of your guests are probably booking with you directly at your location.  Using Rezgo, you can set-up point of sale desks in order to book those customers into your tours quickly and effeciently.  Create as many desks as you like and assign users to those desks so you can track who made bookings and when.  You can also track commissions or net rate pricing if you sell through third party concierges or activity desks.

Are you managing group sales?  The Rezgo point of sale gives you the ability to easily create and track group sales directly in your reservation system.

Get Reports Where & When You Want

With Rezgo, you and your staff can get access to the information you need in order to manage your submarine business better.  Generate daily passenger manifests, customized booking reports, and review your revenues on any device whether it’s your office computer, a tablet in the field, or your smartphone.

Online Booking

Beautifully designed online booking experience.

Mobile Booking

Smartphone & tablet optimized mobile booking experience.

Phone Sales

Manage phone and direct customer sales.

Payment Integration

Get paid directly by your customers in real-time.
  • Simple online booking process for customers
  • Integration with your merchant account (for instant payments)
  • Collect hotel pick-up locations and other custom info.
  • Photo gallery with unlimited photos to showcase your submarine tours
  • Support for embedded videos on details pages
  • Instant confirmations and vouchers
  • Activity or concierge desk management
  • Gift card and certificate support
  • Mobile bookings
  • Support for mobile voucher check-ins
  • Voucher fraud prevention features
  • Retail Point of sale for in-destination sales
  • Sell physical goods such as gift shop items
  • Direct integration with EMV (credit card) terminals
  • API for added customization
  • Distribute through leading resellers

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