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The following is a list of instructions that are available for the API:

Instruction Description
i=company Used to retrieve company information including company contact information, supported payment methods, terms and conditions, base currency, etc.
 i=tags Used to retrieve all tags associated with the Rezgo account.
i=pages Used to retrieve the custom pages associated with the Rezgo account.  This includes the contact us page, terms, and about us pages.
i=search Used to retrieve product details as well as date based availability.
i=month Used to retrieve monthly availability for a specific product.
i=commit Used to submit a booking to Rezgo.i=search_bookingsUsed to retrieve bookings that match specific search criteria, such as date, date range, email, name, etc.
i=add_transaction Used to add a transaction to en existing booking or order


The instruction is appended to the API call as follows (where transcode and key are already appended):



Note that additional parameters may be required depending on the instruction. Refer to the specific section for details regarding mandatory and optional parameters.

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