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Field Definitions

Field Name Value
name full name of the tour
com sku/uid of primary tour
month the returned month in full text format
year the returned year in full text format
day node of availability for day of the month in the value attribute; the value attribute holds the availability for the day; the condition attribute determines the type of availability (refer to day node definition)
item availability information containing the name of the item – the value attribute holds the spot availability for the item; (number): number of spots available if 0 it is fully booked}
a available
i inactive item availability reduced to 0 without bookings;
u unavailable item is outside the availability window;
p past date date is in the past;
c cutoff the date is no longer available to be booked because it has passed the booking cutoff;
h hidden the availability for this item is hidden but there are still spots available
uid tour uid (aka sku)
name name of the tour

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