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New Responsive Rezgo Front-end Booking Engine Live in Beta


We have just released the new responsive booking engine live in Beta for you to try.  Like the Beta administration system, the new front-end is a complete rebuild of the Rezgo booking engine.  This new version of the booking engine is built using a fully responsive design that will automatically adjust based on screen size.  The booking engine is also designed to work better with your own site template, javascript, and css.

Some important to keep in mind as you get to know the new responsive front-end:

  1. Your template has been ported
    We have migrated your existing template to the Beta system so you can modify it at your leisure.  Making changes to your Beta template will not affect your existing template.  If you decide to make changes to your existing website, those changes will not be reflected on your Beta booking engine.
  2. Styling the booking engine
    The Beta booking engine has it’s own stylesheet that can be controlled separately from your template.  These styles are different from the old Rezgo stylesheet, so you will need to make the changes to this stylesheet separately if you want to fine tune the layout and design of the booking engine.
  3. Large images are important
    The new booking engine emphasizes large images.  The small thumbnail image previously used on the existing booking engine has been removed and replaced with a new image gallery that supports 720p HD images.  Your existing images have been imported and converted so you may notice that your smaller images look a bit strange as they have been placed on a black background.  You should take the time to upload high resolution images to your tours in order to take advantage of the new image gallery and retina supported responsive design.
  4. New SEO Page Title and Descriptions
    We’ve added a new SEO section to the tour details that allows you to specify the page title and meta-description as it would appear in Google.  If you aren’t sure about what to put here, don’t worry, it will auto-populate with your tour name and a truncated version of your overview.

We will be refining the front-end over the next few weeks in preparation for the live release.  If you have any feedback, please feel free to send it through the feedback link on the Beta admin.

UPDATE: As of July 14th, the dev team is addressing an issue that causes the booking to fail after the order summary page.  This will be resolved in the next update to the Beta.


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