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Improved Rezgo Support Process


As you may have noticed, we have started to phase out the use of the support email address as a means of managing support related issues with Rezgo.  Earlier this year we re-launched the Rezgo support website with a new support ticketing and tracking system.  The support website is built using responsive design, so you can submit tickets easily using a mobile device.  Since the launch, we have been working on the support process in order to make it more efficient for you and for the support team.

We are now ready to move all support related issues to the ticket system in order to better track and manage individual issues.  From this point forward, we ask that you submit any support related issues directly on the Rezgo Support website.  Once the ticket is submitted, it will be reviewed and assigned to the best support team member for your particular issue.

The first time you visit the support website at /support/, you’ll be asked to create a log-in.  Please note that this log-in is unique to the support site and is different from your actual Rezgo account log-in.  Once you create an account, you’ll be able to submit a ticket.  When submitting a support request, please consider the following best practices:

  • Check the knowledgebase to see if there is a support article that answers or addresses your issue.
  • When you submit a ticket, please include your Rezgo domain or company name in the message.  When your support ticket comes in, we need to know which account we are looking at.
  • Provide as much information as possible about the issue.  For example, can you replicate it, is it visible on a website, and do you have screenshots?
  • If the issue has been resolved, please take a moment to update the status of the issue.  It’s always better that you tell us it’s resolved then us having to guess.
  • This one may seem obvious, but please be courteous when requesting help.  We are people too and simple courtesy goes a long way.

Although we do our best to respond to all tickets as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee an immediate response.  The support team responds to tickets from 0900 – 1800 GMT -7, Monday – Friday (excluding statutory holidays in Canada).  If you submit a ticket outside of these times, we will respond as soon as we can on the next business day.

Thank you for being part of the Rezgo community.  We are constantly working to make the system better for you and encourage you to leave your feedback and comments on the Rezgo customer forum.


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