Field Definitions

Field Name Description
company_name the name of the company
type company type, either supplier or vendor (deprecated)
domain company registered subdomain (eg.
primary_domain custom domain if set as primary
terms the terms and conditions supplied by the company (HTML-formatted)
address_1 first address field
address_2 second address field
city city
state_prov state/province
postal_code postal code
country country
phone phone number
fax fax number
tax_id tax id as entered by company
email primary e-mail address
map map node contains fields for lat, long, and zoom level.
lat latitude
lon longitute
zoom zoom level
account_type billing account type (i for invoice or cc for credit card)
currency_symbol currency symbol used by company
currency_separator symbol used as decimal point/indicator
currency_decimals number of trailing decimal places to display
currency_base the base currency used for all pricing
using_gateway indicates if the site is using a payment gateway
gateway_id indicates the payment gateway used by this operator
cards credit cards accepted by the company (eg. American Express MasterCard Visa)
payment_methods accepted payment methods (eg. Credit Cards PayPal Cheques)
payment payment node specifies available payment types
method list of accepted payment methods in array format
paypal_email e-mail address to accept PayPal transfers (only if PayPal is selected as a payment method) – only applicable for providers
get_cvv 1 = get cvv, 0 = do not get cvv. active only when company uses a payment gateway.
date_format date display format (eg. M d Y)
time_format time zone difference from GMT (eg. +20 -8 +4)
start_week start calendars using this day (mon or sun)
header html of the website template that appears before the Rezgo content
footer html of the website template that appears after the Rezgo content
styles custom stylesheet
pages list of pages including default and custom pages (only available if operator is using the default template)
path the path of the page (used when requesting the specific page using the page instruction)
title the title of the page (used only for custom pages)
site_status 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled
social node for social network credentials
twitter twitter name
cart 1 = on, 0 = off (used for determining if the shopping card should be used)
ticketguardian 1 = on, 0 = off (used for determining if TicketGuardian (TourShield) is enabled on the account)
trigger Indicates whether there are active trigger (promotional) codes. 1 = yes, 0 = no
analytics_general general analytics code entered in settings
v version of the xml api
gt time required to generate the response (for SLA purposes)


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