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Add Online Bookings

There are a number of ways to integrate the Rezgo online booking software to your website. Take a look at the various website integration methods available:

Hosted Booking Engine

The simplest way to integrate Rezgo with your existing website is to use the Rezgo hosted booking engine.  Use the site template editor in the Rezgo administration settings to co-brand your booking engine to match the look and feel of your website.  You can upload your images directly to Rezgo and embed any javascript and css directly into your site template to ensure it is completely secure.  Once you have set up your co-branding, you can link your new Rezgo hosted booking engine directly to your site.

Rezgo Mobile Booking Engine

Mobile Booking Engine for Tour & Activity OperatorsThe Rezgo mobile booking engine comes standard with every account.  When a visitor comes to your Rezgo powered website using a mobile device, they are presented with a touch friendly mobile interface that is fully optimized for the best possible experience.  No fumbling with tiny print or hard to complete forms.  The Rezgo mobile booking website makes it easy for you to convert customers using mobile devices without any extra work on your part.

Rezgo WordPress Plugin

Now you can accept booking directly on your WordPress powered website with the Rezgo WordPress pluginThe Rezgo WordPress booking plugin installs and runs on any WordPress powered website.  If you want to integrate the Rezgo booking engine directly into your own website, the Rezgo WordPress plugin is the easiest way to do it. The Rezgo WordPress plugin is installed on your own WordPress website and connects directly to the Rezgo XML API to handle everything from searching, browsing, and booking.

Rezgo Facebook Application

Turn your Facebook fans into booking customers with the Rezgo Facebook AppDo you have a Facebook page? Do you have a growing community of fans and customers who engage with you on Facebook? The Rezgo Facebook App is an excellent way to bring your tours and activities closer to your customers and fans by posting your products directly on your Facebook page. Install the app, connect it to your Rezgo account, and turn your fans and friends into booking customers.

Opensource PHP Application

Now you can integrate Rezgo directly into your PHP powered website with the Rezgo Open Source PHP ParserThe Rezgo Open Source PHP Parser is perfect for developers who want to integrate the Rezgo white label booking engine directly into their own website. The parser is a set of PHP files that are installed on your own website and connect directly to the Rezgo XML API to handle everything from searching, browsing, and booking. The parser is meant for developers or those with a knowledge of PHP and installing web applications.


Rezgo XML API for Developers looking for a deeper integration with the Rezgo Activity Booking EngineIf you are looking for a more in-depth integration and you want to control the look and feel of your booking website, you can connect to your Rezgo XML API.  The Rezgo XML API is a powerful and full featured programmatic interface to the Rezgo booking system.  The API includes complete access to content, location data, images, videos, availability, bookings, and payment processing.